So I’m looking at talent trees and deciding how I want to spec. Well, for shadow, anyway. I’m really disappointed that Silence is never going to be available in a PvE-oriented build, as long as Improved Mind Blast is encouraged so much, even though it clearly has PvP connotations, with the reduced healing aspect. Technically, you can afford all the other PvE talents while still getting Improved Psychic Scream and Silence. To be truthful, I would much rather have Silence and Psychic Horror swap places in the talent tree; Silence is a much better PvE utility than Psychic Horror, as it gives Shadow Priests an on-demand interrupt, along with rogues, mages, warlocks with felhunters, retribution paladins, warriors, death knights, feral druids and marksmanship hunters. I suppose on the other hand Psychic Horror’s disarm is handy alongside Dismantle and Disarm, but… how much stuff is actually able to be disarmed in raids? Trash? Perhaps. Bosses? Likely not.

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