So I’m looking at talent trees and deciding how I want to spec. Well, for shadow, anyway. I’m really disappointed that Silence is never going to be available in a PvE-oriented build, as long as Improved Mind Blast is encouraged so much, even though it clearly has PvP connotations, with the reduced healing aspect. Technically, you can afford all the other PvE talents while still getting Improved Psychic Scream and Silence. To be truthful, I would much rather have Silence and Psychic Horror swap places in the talent tree; Silence is a much better PvE utility than Psychic Horror, as it gives Shadow Priests an on-demand interrupt, along with rogues, mages, warlocks with felhunters, retribution paladins, warriors, death knights, feral druids and marksmanship hunters. I suppose on the other hand Psychic Horror’s disarm is handy alongside Dismantle and Disarm, but… how much stuff is actually able to be disarmed in raids? Trash? Perhaps. Bosses? Likely not.

In other news, finally got my Lich King 10 kill. Yes, I know, slow at it in comparison to most other guilds but even then, I met my goal of getting it before 4.0. And none too soon, it would seem, if 4.0 is really dropping on Tuesday. That said, though, we’re going to be going in on some hard modes soon now that we’ve gotten both groups their LK down, with about 20-ish people in the guild being Kingslayers. If it does go through this week, then it’ll make those first few hardmodes interesting. This does bring me into talents a little bit though; is it worth it to take 2/3 Mental Agility right now? Or can I pass on that and go 2/3 Darkness for the haste? Hmm, decisions, decisions. Might even be viable to go one point in each! In either case, I am not altogether too enthused with Archangel as a general. If it proves to be the best way to go through healing for Holy in the future then so be it, but it just makes Holy that much more of a maintenance issue between Chakra, our bazillion cooldowns and Archangel. On the other hand, I may yet try Discipline, but will reserve that for another time, as we already have some dedicated Discipline priests in the guild. I like the idea of casting Smite because I can, not because it makes my healing better. It just seems too counter-intuitive to me. It also seems to go against the design of not balancing raid encounters around healers DPSing.

Come Cataclysm, though, there are a few possible ideas I may use for healing – none of which, sadly, are going to be Spirit of Redemption or Desperate Prayer. The choices basically boil down to these options (assuming this build as a base):

– Evangelism/Archangel + 1
– Darkness + 1
– Inner Sanctum + 1
– Darkness + Veiled Shadows – 1 from Mental Agility or Twin Disciplines

I definitely think that, while Holy has almost no choices to make in the Holy tree itself, there are plenty of options in Discipline, and oddly, Shadow, and this makes things interesting for me.

Now, that said, you may notice some of the glyphs I chose, but those are personal options, and at least one would definitely be changed between encounters or between trash and bosses (Mass Dispel). Also, I like being able to crowd control; glyph of Psychic Scream makes this possible and viable. Anyone remember warlocks with Curse of Recklessness in The Burning Crusade?

Hm, originally I’d intended this to be a little longer and more involved, but alas, I ran out of things to say, and my brain is currently not cooperating with me.