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Progression kills.

So, progression kills are one of those things that everyone on your server looks at as a measure of how good your guild is, kind of like a status symbol. This week we’ve made two progression kills – Magmaw 25 and Omnitron Defense System 10. While we are assuredly slower than a lot of guilds around the world – not to mention our own server (which is far from the greatest), we’re doing all right I think. It’s strange to think, though, that we have too many healers and not enough tanks, and far too many melee DPS. Even so, progression is progression, and, to quote Anafielle from Righteous Defense, it “means you took a step forward! Grats! Who cares about everyone else.” So very true, that. Still, I think we could have done so sooner, and I honestly think it could have been done better. Even so, I really wish we would get going on purely 10-man raiding. My computer’s having heart attacks in 25-man raids no matter how many or few addons I have on, and no matter where my video settings might be.

Parasite Evening

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The Cataclysm healing model.

There’s been a lot of debate recently on the healing forums regarding the changes to healing style. Most of it boils down to whether it’s fun or not, and to a lesser degree, how challenging the content is. Personally, I’m one of the people that finds that healing is just fine the way it is. It’s entirely possible to complete the content as it is right now. However, I find that the challenge is actually more than just the difficulty of the encounters, or even the almost necessity for crowd control. It actually is that people aren’t letting go of the mindsets from previous expansions.

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