So, progression kills are one of those things that everyone on your server looks at as a measure of how good your guild is, kind of like a status symbol. This week we’ve made two progression kills – Magmaw 25 and Omnitron Defense System 10. While we are assuredly slower than a lot of guilds around the world – not to mention our own server (which is far from the greatest), we’re doing all right I think. It’s strange to think, though, that we have too many healers and not enough tanks, and far too many melee DPS. Even so, progression is progression, and, to quote Anafielle from Righteous Defense, it “means you took a step forward! Grats! Who cares about everyone else.” So very true, that. Still, I think we could have done so sooner, and I honestly think it could have been done better. Even so, I really wish we would get going on purely 10-man raiding. My computer’s having heart attacks in 25-man raids no matter how many or few addons I have on, and no matter where my video settings might be.

Parasite Evening

I think what irks me the most is that I’m one of the few that really seem interested in getting to hardmode raiding. I was extremely disappointed with the fact that, despite the relative ease of most content in Wrath, we only barely got our hardmode kills down after 4.0 dropped. Yes, there were a lot of circumstances behind it, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit around and be left out of progression kills this time around, and I really don’t want to miss out on hardmodes, assuming we get to them. It’s just exceedingly frustrating to know that we are, as a guild, capable of doing much more than we are, but we aren’t pushing it as much as we ought to. Maybe I’m just being cynical, but it’s unfair to really want something, and know that your teammates are able to pull it off, but it just never seems to happen.

In the end, assuming we can get there within the next couple of weeks (i.e., aren’t spending too much time on the easy stuff like we did in Wrath), then we should be okay. But I’m concerned that a lot of people aren’t putting out the effort that we need them to. I want very much to be able to see the like of Nefarian, Cho’gall and Al’akir long before T12 hits, and hopefully have a good chunk of hardmodes down, and possibly have people working on drakes. We spent a good two weeks on trash in Bastion of Twilight to get a whole three epics. Granted, it helped to know how the trash works, considering the pulls are a little obscene, but even so, we could have spent that time with actual raiding, and much better chances at getting things dead.

On the upshot, we did get some attempts in on Maloriak, and I’m not ungrateful for that. Instead, it means we’re getting there. Still, this means that I really need to get going on writing up guides for Chimaeron, Atramedes and Halfus Wyrmbreaker fairly soon. Still, I think that if I can show what I’m expecting, perhaps people will look at that and see what they can do to bring themselves to that level. But first, we need to find more tanks. We can only go so far with only three available tanks. But I think in the long run, once we DO happen to get another tank or two available, we’ll be ready to keep going further, and we’ll be able to set up secondary ten-man groups. I have high hopes for this expansion’s raiding content. I know there’s some nerfs incoming to some of the raid content, which sucks, but even so, I’d be really happy to not be left behind on the raiding curve this time around.

As one final note, and I’m going to whine about it until the next tier comes around, priest helm and shoulders for tier 11 suck. I hate them, hate them, hate them. So bloody ugly.