I apologize in advance for lack of posting. I know I have like, no readers, but still. Dead motherboard resulting in dead hard drive resulting in tax returns completely gone makes not for a happy Tomaj, though, and certainly prevents me from being able to make consistent posts.

So, everyone says there’s more drama in 10-man raiding when you have multiple groups than there is with 25-man raiding. To a degree, this may be true, but only if people are completely unwilling to bypass any sort of “competition” or seeing one group as the “bad” group. All in all, there may be less drama overall with 25-man raiding, especially with a good loot system (DKP and SKG being among the better), but at the same time, it’s a hell of a lot harder not only to handle, but also to manage as a raid leader, and moreover, maintain a full 25-man roster.

Thankfully, we’ve finally made the final push into strictly 10-man raiding (Baradin Hold aside, assuming we’re able to do so in 25-man, and Alliance hadn’t decided to take over Tol Barad in that small time frame where we raid). Still, most of us agree that we are more than capable of being able to clear the content, regardless of some minor issue. Now despite what a friend over at Sente Theater Presents has said regarding 10- vs. 25-man raiding is this: 10-man raiding is usually much more difficult because the requirements are that much less lenient.

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