So, recently, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about solo play as a holy priest. Generally, this comes from my doing all of my dailies and such as holy. For whatever reason, I just feel I have better mana management and survivability as opposed to shadow. I made a post on the healing forums not too long ago. While it doesn’t seem to have gained much attention by other forumgoers (likely because of the time I posted it more than anything), it does seem that there has been a buff to Holy Fire in the upcoming 4.1 patch, either way. Still, this leaves a lot to be desired regarding holy spells in solo play.

In short, I’m not really satisfied that as a priest that is going around and doing things in a healing spec, that I’m not casting a bread and butter spell like Smite at all, because its value is just too low in damage and it’s relatively high mana cost in comparison to Mind Spike. In short, it seems strange that I should be casting shadow spells to all exclusion of holy spells when out by myself. I didn’t roll holy to be casting shadow spells.

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