I originally wanted to write something of a more personal nature today, but I’m still trying to find the right way to start the post. So instead, I’d like to talk about Chakra states as a 10-man holy priest. Now, I don’t get the opportunity to tank heal altogether too often, but when I do, it’s definitely a fun time, because it’s a nice change of pace, so that’s something I’ll cover in here as well. Through and through, I’ll always be a raid healer at heart, but when you’re healing 10-mans, it’s a little different, because you are always cross-healing between the raid and the tank(s). But recently, I got to make some excellent use of Chakra: Serenity outside of Maloriak and Conclave of Wind (which is where a holy priest is most likely to be using Chakra: Serenity in any raid, especially 10-man).

Sometimes we two-heal in our raids, especially if one of our other healers goes MIA for a night, and that’s okay, because we still manage to get things done, even if it is an exercise in throughput and regeneration. Generally, if we’re two-healing, it’s myself and our restoration shaman (generally because our discipline priest and/or holy paladin aren’t available). So I’m going to go over two-healing some encounters, and where I tank heal otherwise in a general sense, and where you might use different Chakra states in various encounters (sans Cho’gall and Nefarian, as we do not have extensive experience with those encounters). Also, incoming wall of text.

Blackwing Descent: Bosses


For whatever reason, we actually find it easiest when we’re two-healing to have the shaman on the raid (at range with our ranged classes), and I take care of the tanks and melee. Despite the high amount of raid damage, Chakra: Serenity is by and large the best way to handle this. Holy Word: Sanctuary is useful when you’re at range, and I do use it frequently when raid healing this encounter, but when I do get the opportunity to tank heal, I’m in Chakra: Serenity. Holy Word: Serenity is exceptionally huge here, especially during a Mangle and I cast Guardian Spirit on a tank, or just some clutch heals on the melee. Renew, Binding Heal, Greater Heal and Heal are generally my spells of choice for tank healing here, since they all benefit from Chakra: Serenity, and Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing don’t always have the range necessary to hit everyone in the group (myself, the tanks, and 1-2 melee). Since Pillar of Flame isn’t an issue in melee, I don’t have to worry as much about healing on the run, either. Plus, it’s nice to roll Renews on the melee, as well.

It is, of course, important to have a Lightwell available for your ranged, so this should be somewhere in the center of the room so that your ranged classes and raid healer can click on it in either of their stack positions, or running back and forth between Pillar of Flame and Ignition casts. If you are two-healing this encounter, it’s especially important that your ranged do make liberal use of the Lightwell, since it can help out with Lava Spew and Magma Spit, and your raid healer is going to be kind of stressed on mana and time in between Exposed Head phases. Granted, our shaman is specced Telluric Currents, so he’ll have a full mana bar back by the time the next phase comes up, but time is the most valuable resource for phase one, and using Lightwell helps reduce that need some.

Omnotron Defense System

Even when we’ve three healers for this fight, I always swap between Chakra: Serenity and Chakra: Sanctuary because of the nature of the damage going out during this encounter. When Magmatron is up, you should be in Chakra: Sanctuary due to Incineration Security Measure’s high damage. This goes double if Electron is also up at the same time, and you’re dealing with Chain Lightnings. When Magmatron is not up, however, Arcanotron and Electron are the biggest threats, due to their single target damage. Holy Word: Sanctuary is a spell I rarely use, except when having Arcanotron and Magmatron at the same time, and there’s a Power Generator at the same time as Incineration Security Measure. Holy Word: Serenity, however, is a great boon, as it can very easily be a saver for a tank or raid member.


Chakra: Serenity is best used during Blue Vial phase. Holy Word: Serenity is exceptional when someone is afflicted with Flash Freeze, and I generally save it for when someone gets hit, and then queue up a Greater Heal to overcome the damage once they’re broken out. Our shaman usually also hits them with a Riptide, and our paladin with a Holy Shock, and the combination of the three generally bring them up to full, but getting the extra damage taken care of once they get broken out is necessary. If you’re in Chakra: Serenity and have hit them with Holy Word: Serenity, that’s an extra 35% chance to crit (and essentially one-shot heal the player) with your Greater Heal. Any other time during the Maloriak encounter, you’ll want to be in Chakra: Sanctuary. It’s easy to use Holy Word: Sanctuary early during Red Vial phase, but you must be careful to wait until he is about to or has just cast Scorching Blast, otherwise your Holy Word will be wasted and will be on cooldown.

During the Green Vial phase, your Chakra state has very little impact. There is only minimal raid damage (unless someone screws up and misses an Arcane Storm interrupt), and tank damage is only heavy at first while all the adds are still alive. This is actually also where I’ve found the best place to use a Potion of Concentration or my Shadowfiend/Hymn of Hope combination. If I’m tank healing at all this encounter, I’m handling the add tank, but still swapping Chakra states based on phase. Use Power Word: Shield liberally to give your add tank some extra movement speed, and this is especially helpful when he or she is handling nine adds.


Chimaeron is an interesting encounter, in which you actually can use all three Chakra states. Start off in Chakra: Serenity, and use Flash Heal, Binding Heal and Holy Word: Serenity to get people over the 10k HP mark. When Feud comes, swap to Chakra: Sanctuary, lay down a Sanctuary zone, proceed to spam Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing. One of the biggest mistakes I make here is that I don’t promptly get back into Chakra: Serenity following the final Massacre of Feud phases. This is really important, otherwise your Chakra timing is going to be off and you’ll be stuck in a Feud phase with Chakra: Serenity, or a non-Feud phase without Holy Word: Serenity available. Finding a time for Shadowfiend/Hymn of Hope or a Potion of Concentration is a bit difficult, but the best place is generally after a Feud phase has ended, and everyone’s over 10k hp from the last Massacre.

Finally, during phase three, swap to Chakra: Chastise via Smite, and proceed to Smite and Holy Fire. Don’t forget to Leap of Faith or Guardian Spirit as necessary, though. As a side note, I actually glyph Divine Accuracy and Smite for this encounter, as all but the Circle of Healing glyph are remotely necessary for healing this encounter when you’re raid healing. I do not tank heal this encounter under any circumstances, because our shaman and holy paladin are the much better options due to Beacon of Light and Earth Shield on the main tank.


There’s pretty much no reason to be in Chakra: Serenity unless you’re strictly tank healing. Prayer of Healing and Holy Word: Sanctuary are extremely useful in this encounter, especially when you’re being tracked for either Sonic Breath or during air phase. I know that Holy Word: Sanctuary is hardly mana efficient, but it’s actually not that big a strain on mana, even when you’re learning this encounter. Due to our particular strategy (ranged on one side, melee on the other), Holy Word: Sanctuary also does not hit diminishing returns on targets healed. This, of course, will vary based on your raid composition and strategy. If you’re running with a discipline priest, it’s important that they allow you to use Power Word: Shield on tracked targets, because Body and Soul is that useful. Leap of Faith also procs Body and Soul, so this is also valuable for getting someone back where they belong after Sonic Breath or while being tracked during air phase.

Blackwing Descent: Notable Trash

Dwarven Spirits

Chakra: Serenity is the way to go here. Make sure to also glyph for Mass Dispel (Stormbolts are evil). Likely the only times you’ll be using Prayer of Healing is with Chain Lightning (which you should be spread out for) or whirlwinds (because melee are most likely going to take at least one hit of this), and Holy Word: Serenity really outweighs the usefulness of various other spells.


The drake in front of Atramedes’ room generally does single target damage, but this can be chained when people stack, so it’s best to spread out. Heal, Greater Heal, Binding Heal, Renew and Holy Word: Serenity are my spells of choice here. Fairly simple, just make sure your mages, druids and shaman are decursing Curse of Mending.


Maimgor is the drake outside Maloriak’s room. He does practically zero raid damage, but rather heavy tank damage. Greater Heal and Holy Word: Serenity are your friends, especially during Piercing Grip. Make sure your melee are to the sides of this drake, as he does have a Tail Lash.


Pyrecraw sits outside Chimaeron’s room. He does excessive AoE damage, and previously, his Flame Buffet would stack near infinitely (I haven’t seen more than 3 stacks at a time recently, but have seen up to 8 previously). You’ll want everyone stacked up, and you’ll want to be in Chakra: Sanctuary. Holy Word: Sanctuary is great for this drake, since if everyone’s close enough together, you can get everyone (including your hunters, melee and tanks) in your Sanctuary zone. Prayer of Healing your heart out, and use Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending on cooldown.

Throne of the Four Winds

Conclave of Wind

Whether you’re healing on Rohash’s platform, or you’re sitting with a Nezir/Anshal tank, you’ll want to be in Chakra: Serenity. Their special abilities are too short to make great use of Chakra: Sanctuary until you have only Nezir left, in which case you can rely on your other healers to pick up tank healing. Rohash healing is extremely simple: roll Renews, Heal as needed, Greater Heal your DPS when they come back from Nezir’s platform, Holy Word: Serenity during Hurricane, proceed to Smite otherwise. For Nezir/Anshal healing, you might opt for Chakra: Sanctuary on Anshal’s platform, but I’ve found it largely unnecessary, if your DPS are on the ball with killing adds. Make sure to Guardian Spirit your tank when Anshal comes out of his special ability.


I’ll note first that we have not yet gotten to phase three, but I can extrapolate based on other information what you’ll want to do here. During phase one, I actually tank heal, but even if I weren’t (which I wasn’t at first), I’d make the same recommendation: use Chakra: Serenity. Holy Word: Serenity isn’t interrupted while you’re near Al’akir for Wind Blast or avoiding Squall Lines, and you can usually manage to get a Flash or Binding Heal when in melee range, too. Plus, it helps keeping a tank up for Electrocutes. During phase two, immediately switch to Chakra: Sanctuary; you’re going to be AoE healing for the majority of this phase due to Acid Rain and when Stormlings are spawning in ridiculous places. Holy Word: Sanctuary is helpful here, but not necessary, and may end up just draining your mana when you’re learning the encounter. As far as I can tell, phase three should probably be Chakra: Sanctuary, but if there is little damage, then Chakra: Serenity may be the better bet (since you won’t be making use of Holy Word: Sanctuary).

Bastion of Twilight: Bosses

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

This really depends on what drake composition you have. If you have Emerald Whelps (and thus, Flame Breath), you’ll want to be in Chakra: Sanctuary. Don’t be stacked up for this, as there will still be Fireball Barrages that can chain damage, though less frequently than if you had Time Warden. If there are no Emerald Whelps, I might suggest Chakra: Serenity for the bonus crit and access to Holy Word: Serenity. Raid damage should be fairly minimal. Fireball Barrage from Time Warden is definitely able to be healed through, especially if you’re needing to get Storm Rider or Nether Scion up first. TL;DR: Emerald Whelps = Chakra: Sanctuary; No whelps = Chakra: Serenity.

Valiona and Theralion

While I haven’t had the opportunity to tank heal here, I would still suggest Chakra: Sanctuary even if I were to do so. Holy Word: Sanctuary is helpful for Theralion phases for melee, and you’ll largely be using Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing on your ranged, anyway. During Valiona phases, you’ll want Chakra: Sanctuary for the buff to Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending just due to the sheer damage output, especially for Blackouts.

Twilight Ascendant Council

Phase one should be Chakra: Sanctuary, though I might use Chakra: Serenity if I were tank healing. You’ll be making extensive use of Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing during Ignacious’ Aegis of Flame, and after Feludius’ Glaciate. For phase two, I’d advocate Chakra: Serenity, since raid damage is actually very light, and most outgoing damage is single target, or strictly on melee due to Terrastra’s Impale ability. For phase three, Chakra: Sanctuary, PoM and CoH on cooldown, Prayer of Healing A LOT, but don’t neglect single target heals on players affected by Gravity Crush (unless it’s a tank, then it’s actually safe to ignore them for the most part). Also, make sure to glyph for Dispel Magic.

Bastion of Twilight: Notable Trash

Bound Elementals

Your Chakra state will vary based on which pair of elementals you get. If you have Bound Deluges and Bound Infernos, you’ll want to be in Chakra: Sanctuary due to Frost Whirl and Flamestrike. Frost Whirl is extremely likely to kill at least one of your raid members. Don’t bother to dispel the debuff; it’s a waste of mana and time. For Bound Zephyrs and Bound Rumblers are strictly tank damage, excepting when Rumblers are faced the wrong way or melee aren’t in the right place due to Shockwave (deals significant damage with a stun, similar to the protection warrior ability). Chakra: Serenity for these guys.

Evolved Drakonaar

I’d highly advise Chakra: Serenity for these ones. They’re big, they’re massive, and all of their AoE damage can be avoided. The purple flame eruption things that they put on the ground are actually in a cone, so the best idea for these is to pull them (one at a time – there are only two of them) into Valiona and Theralion’s room, and spread out in a circular fashion around them. When they put their purple stuff on the ground, get out of it ASAP. It will one-shot anyone standing in It, but the damage is resistible, so make sure Shadow Protection or Resistance Aura is up. Generally, your tanks will be the only ones taking damage here.