Today, I actually wanted to share something else that I’ve been working on. All in all, there’s recently been very little news regarding priests as a general, and honestly, I feel that I might have been going a little further away from priest topics as I’d like, in some regards. Still, there’s some things that I’ll be rambling about in the recent future – I actually have a sticky note with all the different things I intend to cover. For now, though, on to some not-so-important stuff, but something that hopefully I’ll continue. I’m probably going to put this on a separate blog/subdomain so as to keep it relatively clutter-free, but right now, I’m actually still undecided on the title. I think for now what I have works, but I only have planned out so far, and I want to make sure it’ll fit with the rest of it, too. Anyhow, comments and critique are most certainly welcome!

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