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Healing Occu’thar as a Holy Priest

This post title was one of the recent search terms that came up recently when looking through my site statistics. It’s actually a fairly good question, and something one might actually find as a fun encounter for a holy priest. This is, believe it or not, one of the few places you’ll see consistent use of Holy Nova. This is going to be a fairly short post, since there’s really not much to it. I’ll also assume that you’re familiar with the Occu’thar encounter and its mechanics (not that there are many of them).

First and foremost, contrary to most encounters, your Chakra state does not matter in this encounter. I’d actually be one to say that Chakra: Serenity or Chakra: Chastise will benefit the raid the most, for Holy Word: Serenity in the former, and for damage in the latter. Yes, you read that right, damage. The main two mechanics that you will need to watch for in this as a healer are Focus Fire (GTFO of ginormous puddles on the ground) and the adds. When stacking for adds, you’ll want to ensure that you’re spamming Holy Nova for this. Mind Sear is actually NOT preferable because the adds cause pushback, and your Power Word: Shield is not going to last through the entire duration of the adds phase. Moreover since it is susceptible to pushback, the mana cost is not worth it.

To this end, you’ll actually want to glyph for Holy Nova for the GCD reduction to get off as many Holy Novas as possible. Not only does this heal players taking damage from the adds, but it damages the adds, allowing your raid to spread out before the next Focus Fire coming immediately after the 10-second mark, and also making absolutely sure that your raid doesn’t die from adds exploding. Ideally, you’ll want to spread out at 8-9 seconds into this phase, so the Focus Fire lands on the grate in the middle (which you should otherwise not be standing on – have your raid spread out behind Occu’thar to the sides of the room).

The bulk of the rest of your healing is going to be PoH’s and CoH’s to top off people right after the adds phases, but otherwise, mostly single-target heals (tanks and people that get targeted for Focus Fire – they will get hit with at least one tick of this under most normal scenarios), which is why Chakra: Sanctuary isn’t as necessary, at least in 10-man. I ran Sanctuary originally because I wasn’t fully aware of the damage patterns. Some things to note, otherwise. Mana isn’t much of an issue in this encounter, but you’ll need to be aware of Focus Fire timers to ensure that you’re not getting a Hymn of Hope or Potion of Concentration interrupted. One or the other should be enough to get you through the encounter (even two-healing it), and if you’re spending time with single-target heals, you’re less likely to need them.

Circle of Healing Webring Post

So, I got tagged for the Circle of Healing thing that’s apparently going around. Normally, I’m not one of those “meme” type people, but hey, why not give this a shot at least? I was tagged by a new follower on Twitter, @middleforest, from The Middle of the Forest, so I’ll be happy to oblige on this one.

To give a quick premise, it’s simply a questionnaire about your healing main. Miss Medicina started a webring for healers not too long ago, similar to the 20 Days of WoW you might have seen going around. In this, I’ll be answering 20 questions for you good folks regarding me and my priest. And then I get to tag some of you guys! To that end, here’s how it works:

Post this questionnaire, with your answers, on your blog. Pick the healing class you know most about (or is the focus of your blog) for the questionnaire, and then send it over to another healing blogger you know and love who heals with a DIFFERENT class. Include a link to the blogger who sent you the questionnaire, as well as a link to the blogger to whom you are sending it.

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The Firelands Loot Debacle

There’s a lot of heat going on right now regarding the Firelands loot table, and how priests have been “singled out” regarding a lack of spirit gear. Admittedly, this does affect priests of all three specs to one degree or another, but this is most heavy-handed toward holy priests over either discipline or shadow (though probably more to shadow than discipline due to their itemization preference). Yes, I’m very strongly opinionated about it. Yes, I could also be wrong. I am writing this post on the provision that, if you want to tell me that I’m wrong, you’ll be able to tell my why I’m wrong.

To that end, it is perfectly reasonable that priests in general feel slighted that there is such a lack of gear that’s itemized for them. To be quite honest, after seeing the loot tables, I was disappointed with the lack of stat allocation choices as it was in order to be able to try out some new things, when looking at the spirit gear available. After seeing finalized loot tables, I’m honestly baffled regarding the complete lack of choice there is altogether.

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