There’s a lot of heat going on right now regarding the Firelands loot table, and how priests have been “singled out” regarding a lack of spirit gear. Admittedly, this does affect priests of all three specs to one degree or another, but this is most heavy-handed toward holy priests over either discipline or shadow (though probably more to shadow than discipline due to their itemization preference). Yes, I’m very strongly opinionated about it. Yes, I could also be wrong. I am writing this post on the provision that, if you want to tell me that I’m wrong, you’ll be able to tell my why I’m wrong.

To that end, it is perfectly reasonable that priests in general feel slighted that there is such a lack of gear that’s itemized for them. To be quite honest, after seeing the loot tables, I was disappointed with the lack of stat allocation choices as it was in order to be able to try out some new things, when looking at the spirit gear available. After seeing finalized loot tables, I’m honestly baffled regarding the complete lack of choice there is altogether.

In part, this is probably due to Holy Concentration. In part, this is due to 10-man raiding. In part, this is because I’m a normal mode raider. I understand that a person with heroic tier 11 gear, raiding 25-mans is going to have better mana regen than I will as a 10-man normal mode raider. The gap between 10-man and 25-man is big enough. The gap between normal and hardmode gear is also pretty big. Combine the two, and you see some pretty significant differences. Moreover, the likelihood of having that “perfect composition” is pretty slim.

After reading a post by Kaivax on the US forums, followed by a post by Wryxian on the EU forums, I must say that I am incensed over the way that this issue is being handled. To me, the responses come off very demeaning. Following the Holy Word: Sanctuary blue posts, it’s honestly just baffling to me that they’d continue with this trend. The funny thing is, they set out to make spirit more important for healers, and now go on to tell us, “but you shouldn’t have to rely on spirit.” Seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I can handle taking a little longer to gear up, since we’re not especially quick on progression. But I can’t stand the idea that I would have to spec discipline to be effective enough with that gear in the meantime. And to be truthful, I’m annoyed that I would have to sit back and pretend I think it’s okay that the blues post in such a manner in response to such a glaring issue.

I suppose in a weird way I probably am coming off as a little jaded in regards to this whole issue, and maybe I am. Still, I don’t think I’m terribly unjustified in my opinions, either. Going from normal mode raid to normal mode raid is a lot different than going from hardmode raid to normal mode raid; it’s inherently easier for those people in that hardmode gear. Compounded with the bizarre differences in gear options between healing specs, it begins to make less and less sense.

In Firelands, there’s one piece of gear that would be “well-itemized” for holy priests. Sure, I can handle a couple of non-spirit pieces. But if I’m not feeling comfortable with my mana, or consistently running out of mana despite optimal spell usage, then it’s a failure anyway. However, compare the number of cloth spirit drops to plate spirit drops… it’s pretty far out of proportion. Never mind there’s no hit gear for our mage, warlock and shadow priest friends. Tack on the inability to upgrade valor gear via the vendor sans tier/wands/relics… It doesn’t lead anywhere good.

It was mentioned that you should have enough spirit to get the job done. And under optimal circumstances, that’s perfectly fine. However, under other conditions (a change in raid composition, player death, RNG fail, etc.), this falls flat on its face and is no longer true, because it may no longer be enough spirit. I would rather have enough spirit to have a buffer in case something does go wrong than only “just enough” and assuming a static raid group with perfect execution.

To get back on point, though, the biggest issue is probably with the way that this is being handled by blues. As I said, it comes off very demeaning. That’s not okay. The “whatever” or “l2p, nub” attitude is really not cool. Frankly, I want a straightforward answer. I’d also like a fix to Holy Concentration to bring our regen more in line with other healers. But mostly a straightforward answer for once.