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From Raid Leader to Raider

I’ve been a raid leader for a long time. Actually, since The Burning Crusade, when I still played Alliance, up through the first two weeks of Firelands in Cataclysm when I finally cancelled my subscription to World of Warcraft. And now, playing Rift, I’m in a raider position. It’s a good change for me, but I imagine that I’m always going to have a sort of “back seat raid leader” type attitude. Not completely, not in the way of, “Well, you need to do it this way,” but in the manner of seeing things that are going on and seeing how they might be fixed. But I definitely don’t miss raid leading. But I know that I need to contribute with the raid and help us get bosses down, and keep going. If no one says it, points out the problems, they don’t get fixed. And that’s one incredibly valuable piece of experience I can bring from having been a raid leader – that people don’t speak up. Someone must needs take that step.

Raid Frames

But, as I said, I’ve led raids for quite some time. Almost three years straight, actually, with only a small break between Burning Crusade and Wrath, and for a bit during late Ulduar/early Trial of the Crusader in Wrath, anywhere from two to five nights in a standard raid week. That’s a lot of raids. A lot. So, when the time finally came that I was taking a break from WoW, I had some reasons for it – the primary being that I needed to remember how to be a raider instead of looking at it from the RL’s perspective all the time. I don’t think one can raid lead effectively without remembering what it’s like for those raiders, and what perspective they have.

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I Love Me Some Alts

Before I get into the thick of this post, I just wanted to throw a quick reminder that Rift is having their half-birthday celebration, starting today and going through August 31st. That means for this week, you can play for free if you previously had an account, or if you’re just wanting to take a look you can of course set up a trial account, or you can even purchase for just $4.99 this week, as opposed to the standard $50 retail for the game. That’s a huge savings if you’re at all considering playing.

Anyhow, like the title says, I love me some alts. I’ve always been a chronic altoholic, even since I started playing WoW. I sort of blame this one on Dynasty Warriors, and a bit of a completionist attitude toward the game, and making sure I’ve completed the story on all the characters, and unlocked as much as possible. It’s mostly because I want to understand the different classes as much as possible. It’s also partly because I like to be self-sufficient and have all the professions available to me. At the moment, I’ve got two max level characters, and all but two professions at max level, too.

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Life in Aisle 50

Oestrus recently told me that, were she a casual player in Rift, she wouldn’t lack for something to do. I actually tend to agree with that statement. Though Rift is fairly new, actually going on its 6-month anniversary (so to speak), along with a great sale where you can purchase the game for $4.99 from August 25th-31st, it’s actually been really great seeing new content come out fairly quickly, and generally smoothly. Yeah, there’s some issues still with the game, some things I’m not overly keen on, some things I absolutely love (OMG AOE LOOTING), it’s still fun and new and I’m enjoying it.

Impressive Shovel

So, what is there to do at level cap anyway? Well, depending on what you’ve done while leveling, there can be a lot, or not quite as much to do. Among the premier things you can do is your Saga quest. For the Defiant side, this would be the Saga of the Endless. The Guardian side has a similar epic quest line dealing with (I believe) the Life invasions rather than Death, but I’m not sure what it’s called (I haven’t actually managed to pick this quest up on any of my Guardian alts since I haven’t really focused too much to get past like, level 12 or so). There’s also now a new epic Saga quest for Water, starting in the Abyssal Precipice dungeon for Defiants, or in Sanctum for Guardians. Beyond that, there’s of course the various reputation grinds, complete with dailies or dungeon runs to get the reputation up. There’s also constantly some sort of world event going on. There’s the zone events, too. You can always go out hunting for artifacts, as well. And, of course, achievement collecting.

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