Before I get into the thick of this post, I just wanted to throw a quick reminder that Rift is having their half-birthday celebration, starting today and going through August 31st. That means for this week, you can play for free if you previously had an account, or if you’re just wanting to take a look you can of course set up a trial account, or you can even purchase for just $4.99 this week, as opposed to the standard $50 retail for the game. That’s a huge savings if you’re at all considering playing.

Anyhow, like the title says, I love me some alts. I’ve always been a chronic altoholic, even since I started playing WoW. I sort of blame this one on Dynasty Warriors, and a bit of a completionist attitude toward the game, and making sure I’ve completed the story on all the characters, and unlocked as much as possible. It’s mostly because I want to understand the different classes as much as possible. It’s also partly because I like to be self-sufficient and have all the professions available to me. At the moment, I’ve got two max level characters, and all but two professions at max level, too.

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