Oestrus recently told me that, were she a casual player in Rift, she wouldn’t lack for something to do. I actually tend to agree with that statement. Though Rift is fairly new, actually going on its 6-month anniversary (so to speak), along with a great sale where you can purchase the game for $4.99 from August 25th-31st, it’s actually been really great seeing new content come out fairly quickly, and generally smoothly. Yeah, there’s some issues still with the game, some things I’m not overly keen on, some things I absolutely love (OMG AOE LOOTING), it’s still fun and new and I’m enjoying it.

Impressive Shovel

So, what is there to do at level cap anyway? Well, depending on what you’ve done while leveling, there can be a lot, or not quite as much to do. Among the premier things you can do is your Saga quest. For the Defiant side, this would be the Saga of the Endless. The Guardian side has a similar epic quest line dealing with (I believe) the Life invasions rather than Death, but I’m not sure what it’s called (I haven’t actually managed to pick this quest up on any of my Guardian alts since I haven’t really focused too much to get past like, level 12 or so). There’s also now a new epic Saga quest for Water, starting in the Abyssal Precipice dungeon for Defiants, or in Sanctum for Guardians. Beyond that, there’s of course the various reputation grinds, complete with dailies or dungeon runs to get the reputation up. There’s also constantly some sort of world event going on. There’s the zone events, too. You can always go out hunting for artifacts, as well. And, of course, achievement collecting.

For the Saga quest, as Avalonna says quite frequently, there’s really not enough emphasis on the Saga quest. I think this is for a few reasons. Yes, the background of the Saga quests in your quest log are a different color – but so are other quests that aren’t part of the Saga. I believe people are also disinclined to do the early portions of the Saga quest because most of it is group quests – and getting groups for the various parts can be a royal pain in the ass. Lastly, and silly as this may be, there’s very little incentive to do these quests. That doesn’t mean I think that each quest should give some sort of item at the end of it to appeal, but some of the bigger portions of it, I think should (for example, the Freemarch set at the beginning of the line). It might just be me, but it seems people are more inclined to do group quests if they’re going to get a good reward for spending the time and effort to get a group together for it. At the end, it totally pays off once you kill Lord Greenscale, but in between, there aren’t always many great options.

The Water Saga on the other hand, for now, sees fewer of those issues, since it’s limited to level 50 players, and it’s currently much easier to get groups for it, since everyone’s doing it. I imagine in the future as more people are saturated with those quests done, that it will get increasingly more difficult to get quests for those groups.

For reputation, there are actually quite a few reputations to grind out. There are actually only six you need at any particular level (Arcane Hand, Runeguard, your Scarwood Reach faction, Order of Mathos, Dragonslayer Covenant and Icewatch). specifically for particular gear enchants (called runes). Of those, Icewatch, Dragonslayer and Mathos are your big three, with the best rewards insofar as runes go. You can grind any reputation through dungeons except Order of Mathos. For that rep, you can do one of three things – dailies, the blob, or River of Souls (a 20-man raid). “What is the blob?” you ask? Well, the blob is a group of people that run around in Stillmoor near the Endless Citadel and grind mobs for reputation. While you can’t grind rep in a 5-man dungeon, you CAN grind rep from open-world mobs. I’m not a fan of blobbing, but people do it because they won’t do dailies, but that’s their choice. I find myself bored to tears trash farming in raids – to me, this is no different.

Regarding world events, there’s always some sort of world event going on, each with its own specific currency. Right now, there’s an event to kill Dragon Motes (there’s a story behind this on Rift’s official page), and it comes with its own currency, Dragon Tears, which you can purchase Essences for your Source Machine, gear, a pet, some other cosmetic items, or even a mount (after a fashion). The last event brought us loads of costume gear, a special Source Machine, and even more cosmetic items. And so on and so forth. These are all temporary though, and provide some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to acquire some of these items.

And, of course, there’s zone events. Invasions. Rifts. Fun stuff. Defend your camps, defeat the invaders, collect planarite to spend on epic loots (well, essences mostly). These are usually fun, I think (there are some events that I’ve come to loathe, but most I’m cool with). A lot of people may find this very intrusive, but honestly, that’s the whole point. The invasions aren’t there to be ignored – they’re there for people to go defeat and save the zone. You’ll find that, ofttimes, you’ll see some level 50s in some of the lower level zones helping out, either because they want to get the planarite, the achievements, or specific sourcestones to send to their alts. Unless it’s way late at night, then no one anywhere gives a damn.

In regards to artifacts, you can actually obtain these a number of ways – including the zone events. Each rift you close, each invader you defeat, each zone event you overcome, has a chance to grant you an artifact corresponding with the particular plane that the invasion was dealing with (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life or Death). In addition, though, there are artifacts out in the world – little, white, shiny objects that you can collect and turn sets in for gold or platinum, and sometimes other collectibles or consumables (including pets, titles and books). In addition, you can also sell these on the auction house. Finally, once you’ve stored away 25,000 planarite (easier than you’d think), you can get Quantum Sight – allowing you to gather Twisted Artifacts, which are just red versions of the above, but a little more on the rare side than normal artifacts under most circumstances, which you can also turn in or sell.

Lastly, achievements. There are achievements for many a thing – artifact sets, dungeons, reputations, quest lines, raids, zone-specific achievements, plane-specific achievements, gathering, crafting, invasions, puzzles, even jumping off of great heights and not dying. As I said, there’s definitely no lack of things to do. If you haven’t already, click the link above (or here) to set up a trial account. It’s free for 7 days, with a level cap of 15, but if you choose to buy it, like I said, there’s a huge discount between the 25th and 31st of August. You might be surprised with it.