Since no one replied to my last post regarding what I should post about, I thought I’d post about something else entirely, since I am constantly trying to not be fed up with the beginning starting area for Guardians and the story behind them and their differences with Defiants. This actually is something that irked me about newbie humans in World of Warcraft, too, at least post-Cataclysm when the new starting zone quests were added.

Guardian Starting Zone

It annoys the piss out of me when one faction is made to look dumb, stupid or otherwise less than intelligent in the other faction’s starting area. We all know damn well based on previous interactions, major lore characters, or otherwise that this is simply not the case. In Rift, it’s not so egregious an offense as the Blackrock Orcs in Northshire Valley, but even so, there are definite things that I cannot stand about the Guardian zone (even despite my own personal beliefs on things that this can relate to in real life).

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