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I’m Not a “Gaymer”

I’m a gay man. I’m also a gamer. But the one does not associate with the other. The fact that I play video games has no bearing on my sexuality, and vice versa. In fact, I don’t even get why the word “gaymer” exists. Frankly, I think it’s silly.

There has been a lot of opinion going around about feminism in gaming, specifically in World of Warcraft. For example, Oestrus’ post or Pewter’s post on the same subject. I’m not going to go into that. However, there is what I find to be discrimination of varying sorts in the world of gaming, much of it directed toward gay people. Some of it may be considered discrimination by way of omission (referencing the now infamous “LGBT question” from Blizzcon ’11). I suppose, then, that “gaymer” refers to the LGBT gaming community – and there certainly is one.

Let me state this, though: I don’t care if there ever is an openly GLBT character in an MMO.

For single-player games, such as many of Bioware’s titles (specifically, Mass Effect and the Dragon Age series), it works. It works because the NPC interaction is dynamic, and you can usually choose whether or not to go through with that kind of story, or even pay attention to it. For an MMO, however, NPCs are very static between patches or expansions, and usually rely on outside lore to progress storyline further. Would it be cool to see LGBT characters in WoW or Rift? Absolutely. Is it necessary? Definitely not. I’m probably also taking a passive-aggressive approach to this whole situation, too.

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Why Pet Healing Is Important, Part 1

One of the biggest issues healers have is the issue of healing pets. Be it hunter, warlock, mage or death knight pets in World of Warcraft, or mage, rogue, warrior or cleric pets in Rift, healers don’t want to – and usually, can’t – actively heal pets. I wish it were more possible to do so. I really, really, do. I say this as a healing priest, a healing cleric, a healing paladin, a healing mage, and a one-time healing shaman. I want to be able to heal pets.

Mend Pet

One of the biggest gripes I’ve heard is how smart heals do, in fact, heal pets. I’m still honestly lost on this point. I mean, trust me, I get that not everyone will be able to spare the global cooldown or the mana to heal a pet. But there’s a reason that pets are going to be valid targets for smart heals. Because they are integral to the DPS of the class utilizing those pets.

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