When I originally started playing World of Warcraft, I started my first character as a pure DPS class – a rogue. After a name change and a faction transfer, that character is still around, at level 64 or so. As of yet, I still have not managed to get a rogue to max level. Somewhere in the mid-30s or so, I switched to a warlock because of a really awesome person who played a warlock, and who I had met while playing in my first couple months in the game.


My first raiding character was a warlock. I went through T4 content, and wound up eventually in a T5 guild. I ultimately could have gone on to a Sunwell guild had I been able to make the raid times. I’d probably also be still playing that warlock as my main if things had gone that route. It was one of the two top guilds on the server at the time, and the top Alliance guild. My guild that I was in, however, eventually fell prey to pre-expansion woes and split up. I stopped raiding on my warlock and moved on to my restoration shaman and smite priest to round out the expansion. To this day, interestingly, my shaman still has not gotten the totem from Maiden of Virtue, nor has my warlock managed to obtain the Voidheart Helm from Prince Malchezaar.

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