When I originally started playing World of Warcraft, I started my first character as a pure DPS class – a rogue. After a name change and a faction transfer, that character is still around, at level 64 or so. As of yet, I still have not managed to get a rogue to max level. Somewhere in the mid-30s or so, I switched to a warlock because of a really awesome person who played a warlock, and who I had met while playing in my first couple months in the game.


My first raiding character was a warlock. I went through T4 content, and wound up eventually in a T5 guild. I ultimately could have gone on to a Sunwell guild had I been able to make the raid times. I’d probably also be still playing that warlock as my main if things had gone that route. It was one of the two top guilds on the server at the time, and the top Alliance guild. My guild that I was in, however, eventually fell prey to pre-expansion woes and split up. I stopped raiding on my warlock and moved on to my restoration shaman and smite priest to round out the expansion. To this day, interestingly, my shaman still has not gotten the totem from Maiden of Virtue, nor has my warlock managed to obtain the Voidheart Helm from Prince Malchezaar.

When Wrath started, I finished leveling my protection warrior, and started off in Naxxramas as a tank. This would be the second time I’d officially switched raiding mains, and at this point, rounded out the damage dealer-healer-tank trinity. Throughout Naxx, though, I would play my warrior, shaman, death knight (RIP blood dps), and a discipline priest. It felt very unfocused, but it was me trying to do everything possible to help the guild out.

Eventually, I rerolled Horde, and this time it would be a holy priest. This would be my main through the remainder of Wrath, as well as the majority of Cataclysm. It pains me quite a bit that I’ve switched mains one more time since, but only because I have put so much work into my priest. Through three expansions, I have played a priest to some degree. Getting to know all the intricacies of the class has been a challenge, but a welcome one. All of my raiding achievements, sans Firelands and Champion of the Naaru, are on my priest. But, I felt that it was time to move on.

I still heal in Rift and to a casual degree in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but as for WoW, it’s come full circle, and I’m back on a DPS character. It’s not a warlock or a rogue, but a hunter. It’s a greatly enjoyable class to me, and I love the resource management that comes with it. I’ve actually never watched my resource bar as closely as I have to on my hunter (except maybe when I was playing on my death knight, but even then, it wasn’t quite as dynamic).

It’s really an interesting thing for me, to be back on a DPS class after healing and tanking for the last four and a half years. It means I can’t tank or heal on that character. But I’m strangely okay with this. I never thought I would be.