So, these last couple months have been just loads of stress outside of gaming, but also just some grand annoyances while in gaming, as well.  A lot of it relates to some guild drama in both Rift and WoW.  Quite frankly, I’m sick of it.  The backbiting, the name-calling, the downright immaturity of it all.  It would be one thing if people that are adults would take the time to act like the adults they are.  Personally, I try to avoid conflict, and prefer to have civil discussion, but even I am human and have had my part in these issues.  I’m sure as shit not infallible.

Bitch Slap: Someone's going to get it.

That said, guild drama sucks, especially when it leads to people either quitting or getting kick from a guild.  I mean, I get that there are going to be personality conflicts and whatnot, but when there are people that are supposed to be the ones you look up to and respect looking down on, condescending to, or outright being hateful toward other members of the guild, how is that supposed to reflect on the guild to new guild members?  Now, I don’t expect people to maintain civility 100% of the time, but recent weeks have proven to be an exercise in sheer frustration.

On the whole, it’s really just not okay to continually start shit with people, or to egg on conflicts that have already been in progress. I sometimes think people fail to realize just how much they are making themselves look like the ass by trying to paint other people as the bad guy all the time. This isn’t specific to any one person, either, as it happens all the time, everywhere. This is the Internet, after all. It’s just something that’s been rather prevalent lately, is all. That’s the most maddening part, though, when people don’t (or won’t) step back and see their own faults.

I’ve had my share of conflicts with people. Hell, I tried to push for someone in a previous guild to get kicked because of several personality conflicts. While that didn’t work at the time, apparently he’s since been removed so in the end it was a moot point. Still, the point is: if you’ve got a problem with someone, there’s no reason that you can’t be civil and approach the situation with some tact. Not doing so reflects poorly on you and your guild. The one thing we can be thankful for is that in most circumstances, these kinds of things don’t generally lead to what they could in real life situations.

I know I’m certainly not the arbiter of amazing people skills, or the pinnacle of interpersonal relationships, but it’s not hard to see when problems arise. The hard thing is sometimes making the decision whether to remove oneself from the situation, or if so, to do so in a way that doesn’t spark up more issues. For the time being, I’m staying where I’m at, but sometimes I just wish for a way to strangle people through TCP/IP.

How do you deal with guild drama?