All right, so I’m mostly going to put out there what my opinions are on certain subjects right now. I am taking what’s probably a more controversial standpoint on this, but a discussion via Twitter is going to be anything but helpful. That said, I am going to respect people’s opinions, whether they are the same as mine, or they are different. If you cannot manage to read this post without looking at things from a rational standpoint, and you cannot respond as an adult, I would ask that you do not respond to begin with.

I don’t want to make this post a diatribe about how other people are wrong. But I have been called selfish, I have been told I don’t know what I’m talking about, and I’ve been linked this image, as if it’s supposed to show how my opinion is “wrong.” What I will say is that I hate political correctness. And yes, I do think a large majority of people need to get over themselves and get a thicker skin. However, there are going to be people that use words offensively, and there are going to be times where context shows that the offense is very definitely meant to hurt someone emotionally. What I want to dispel is this apparent belief that I can’t see that.

I do want to warn you there is a lot of stream of consciousness in here. But if you will read the entire post before scrolling down to the “Leave Comment” box, I would be greatly appreciative of this.

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