So, I think the thing that I hear most about League of Legends, is that people aren’t even sure what it is. LoL is categorized under the MOBA genre. And, since there’s already a pretty easy to understand explanation of what MOBA means available on the Internet, I’d say that you should read it here. It’s a much better explanation than I can offer, since I wasn’t entirely sure myself. That pretty much sums up what LoL is in a (very generalized) nutshell.

But the nitty gritty of it is that it’s a primarily PvP-centric game, with a rather large following, and it’s also a very competitive game by all standards. It’s also free to play, so you never actually have to spend money on it. There’s no subscription fee, and all the necessary functions of the game, you can access without spending a dime. (There are vanity perks you can get, and some things that you can access anyway, you can get faster by spending money, but there is no gameplay advantage by spending money.)

Without going into the lore of the whole thing (since I’m not terribly familiar with it), the gameplay premise is taking two teams of champions, and pitting them against each other to win battles. Think of it similarly to a match of Alterac Valley in WoW. You have the points you need to defend, while taking down enemy points, and killing various NPCs for gold and buffs in the meantime.

Truthfully, it’s actually kind of hard to say what the game is without going beyond the sheer basics. So, I think with the next post, I’ll get into the basics of how to play. I just need to figure out a few minor computer issues between now and then, so I can record easily.