My name is (for all intents and purposes) Tomaj. At this time, I main an Eth Cleric on Shatterbone-US in Rift. Previously, I rolled a Troll Priest on the WoW server Runetotem-US, as an officer of the guild Gerudo.

This here is my blog, in which I attempt once again to try to post thoughts and whatnot about raiding in general, Rift mechanics, my numerous alts, among other things.

My hope here is to eventually make this a consistent blog worthy of note, and something that people might actually read. So here’s where I raise a glass (well, a bottle of Dr. Pepper) to getting a reader base!

The idea behind this blog is to provide a semi-consistent viewpoint of a casual raider, specifically from the point of view of a priest that’s usually holy (and sometimes shadow), a raid leader, and a guild officer. Too often, things are looked at from the perspective of a hardcore or top-end raider. And too often, people forget that casual raiders have opinions and outlooks that are pertinent to raiding in general, as well.

If you’d like to view my WoW armory, you can find it here. If you’d like to visit my WoW guild, you can also do that here.

To find my Rift guild, feel free to stop by Drunk Tank Gaming.

If you’d like to contact me, you can do so on Twitter at @gotowell, or via e-mail at tomaj @ holytroll . net (remove the spaces). You can also view my YouTube channel for raid kill videos, as well as dungeon guides.