Man, I just realized it’s almost been two weeks since I’ve actually written a post! (Not that this is particularly out of the norm for me, of course, but time has seriously been flying lately.) Between some real life stuff (jury duty, car registration, a flat tire, and various other things going on) and in-game things (with Minecraft, raiding and the PTS), I’ve been fairly busy recently, and just have kind of set the blog on the back burner for a bit. Never fear, Underdog is here! … Well, maybe not, but hey, whatever.

So, with that, I’ll leave a video of our most recent progression kill, Herald Gaurath. After dealing with a content ID match, and it being blocked everywhere in North America, not even my own guildies could watch it! Terrible shame, that, so I had to re-render with different music and re-upload. Still, works quite well, I think. “But how have you been so busy with in-game things?” you might ask? Well, I’ve been doing the master dungeons available, and have been creating various video guides for the different bosses in the dungeons. No easy feat, let me assure you. There’s loads of wipe footage that I’ve had to go through, slice up, and then get over my self-consciousness about putting my voice on anything recorded for lots of people to see and listen to.

As such, I’ve been quite occupied. Unfortunately, I can’t decide on a new topic for the next post! So, I’m gonna leave it to you to help ME decide! (This is mostly because I don’t want to drop all the options into a hat and pick one out at random.) I’m no whiz with polls and stuff so I’ll leave some options:

  • Planar Attunement
  • Chronicles
  • Sentinel healing
  • Purifier healing
  • Shaman damage dealing
  • Justicar tanking
  • Thoughts on Cabalist
  • 1.5 stat and talent changes

What say you, my readers?