So, this Thursday, we managed to get Greenscale down, the last boss in Greenscale’s Blight, one of the two Tier 1 20-man raids in Rift. It was loads of fun to do, too! I’ve always been a raider at heart, ever since I got my first taste of Karazhan back in the day (yeah, I was a BC player, so sue me). It’s always been the part of a game that I’ve enjoyed the most, to be frank. I’ll casually PvP, yeah, but my focus is mainly raiding, and making sure I’m capable of doing so. As such, it’s been a fun time so far in Greenscale’s Blight, but it’s nice to be done with it (well, to the point of “He’s dead, thank fuck” at any rate). So now, we get to work on clearing out River of Souls, which is actually quite fun as well, even if we’ve only killed one actual boss (and I get to DPS on that boss, which is fun, too).

One of the things that I’ve liked doing for a while is creating videos for kills and such, too. As of now, I’ve had the pleasure of having videos for three of our progression kills (Prince Hylas, Uruluuk and Lord Greenscale himself). It’s a bit tedious, but I genuinely like doing it. Granted, I’m not the greatest at it, and still have a lot to learn about it, but hey, at least I’m playing with it! So far I’m more content with my WoW kill videos than my Rift ones, but that’s more due to needing to find content I actually want to record, which is harder than it sounds. I’d like to put together a better intro-type thing for my videos but that will come with time. In the meantime, this is mostly just a quick post to say, DARGONZ IZ DED!!!11! This puts us at three raid instances out of five completely cleared, so we’re shaping up to get into Hammerknell sooner rather than later.