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Garrosh, Cairne and “Murder”

A lot of news – and I do mean A LOT of news – just released regarding the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft today. Among that news was the decision of the end boss for the expansion – one Garrosh Hellscream. Everyone loves to hate this guy, myself included. At the prompting of Rades, I’m posting about my opinion on the whole Garrosh/Cairne thing. I would like to note that I am not a huge lore buff, but it does interest me. And the ideas about Garrosh that are constantly flying around actually are a pet peeve to me. Mostly because there are people on the Internet that are WRONG. Also, many thanks to Rades for helping me out with some information that I was initially missing!

Garrosh Hellscream

Among players and NPCs both, there is a feeling of resentment toward Garrosh as the new Warchief that Thrall had chosen to take place in the interim while dealing with the World Pillar and Cho’gall, then Ragnaros, then Deathwing himself. As most people are aware, there’s been a lot of internal strife in the Horde – this is most notable when you visit the troll, forsaken or worgen starting zones, as Vol’jin and Sylvanas are the ones most unhappy about Garrosh. Although I don’t know his official stance, I imagine Baine is rather on the fence about what happened. In the same regard, the player base has splintered as well. Those that want Vol’jin as Warchief, those for Baine, those for Sylvanas, the Garrosh loyalists, the Thrall loyalists, and everyone else (the Basic Campfire crowd). So, let’s take a quick step back and look at the events leading up to this, and some speculation for what happens between now and the Siege of Orgrimmar.


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The Sabbatical from WoW

It’s no secret that I’ve taken some time off from WoW. Although I recently did a podcast with LeetSauced, I must admit that for some time I’ve been growing tired of the game. Cataclysm brought back the feel from pre-Wrath for healing, which was great for me. It was a new and fresh challenge (well, not really, but more of a “going back to my roots” type of thing, I suppose) when it came to healing. Heroics at the start of the expansion were challenging, if not outright difficult (I’m looking at you, Deadmines). Tier 11 raids were a little over the top, but nothing unmanageable. It was all doable.

Enter raid cooldowns.

I’ve always been kind of a stubborn person. I refuse tooth and nail to play Discipline. Part of this is because, while I understand how it’s supposed to work, it doesn’t “click” with me, and actually applying that knowledge is extremely difficult for me to do. Part of it is to go against the grain. It’s the little bit of a rebel in me, I guess. The other part is because I feel that I need to be able to prove that Holy can get the job done. Why is that? Because I was given three options when I rolled a priest. I chose the one that appealed to me. I should not have to – nor should anyone have to – play a spec that is not fun for them because of social pressures.

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The Firelands Loot Debacle

There’s a lot of heat going on right now regarding the Firelands loot table, and how priests have been “singled out” regarding a lack of spirit gear. Admittedly, this does affect priests of all three specs to one degree or another, but this is most heavy-handed toward holy priests over either discipline or shadow (though probably more to shadow than discipline due to their itemization preference). Yes, I’m very strongly opinionated about it. Yes, I could also be wrong. I am writing this post on the provision that, if you want to tell me that I’m wrong, you’ll be able to tell my why I’m wrong.

To that end, it is perfectly reasonable that priests in general feel slighted that there is such a lack of gear that’s itemized for them. To be quite honest, after seeing the loot tables, I was disappointed with the lack of stat allocation choices as it was in order to be able to try out some new things, when looking at the spirit gear available. After seeing finalized loot tables, I’m honestly baffled regarding the complete lack of choice there is altogether.

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