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Incentivizing 25-Man Raiding

It’s no secret that I hate 25-man raiding. Actually, “hate” may not be strong enough a word. I absolutely cannot stand 25-man raiding. I loathe it with a passion. For me, from the standpoint of a raid leader, it’s a management headache. From the standpoint of an officer, it’s a nightmare. From the standpoint of a holy priest, it’s quite possibly one of the most boring things I can do. However, Blizzard has determined that in their continual efforts to try to get people to do less popular content, they are doing three things with Patch 4.2. First, they are lowering the cap of Valor Points. Secondly, they are giving fewer Valor Points overall for raid instances, and Tier 11 normal content will only provide Justice Points; hardmodes will still give Valor Points. Lastly, 25-man raiders will see an increased benefit of Valor Points from raids versus 10-man raiders.

Patch 4.2

While Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual discusses the changes to Conquest Points, it actually brought up a discussion on Twitter regarding the Valor Point cap. There’s a lot to be said regarding all of this, so I’m hoping I might be able to cover all the bases with it. I also hope that I’m not alone on the front of my opinion, but even if I am, then so be it. Still, it bears discussing that the Valor Point caps are extremely awkward when it comes to how Patch 4.2 is lining up in terms of gearing out your character (or alts).

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To Journal or Not to Journal

The Dungeon Journal, hereafter known as the Encyclopedic Compendium of Baddie Abilities™ (well, at least to me), is one of the most recent issues of contention in the World of Warcraft community. There are the hardcore raiders getting world firsts that are saying that there’s some things that need to be changed about it, and that it’s an abysmal implementation. There are casual gamers arguing that there’s no reason it shouldn’t be there, and that the information shouldn’t be left alone for the top-end gamers to find out as they’re progressing through the encounters. But what about those of us that are kind of caught in the middle?


I, for one, can understand both points of view. On the one hand, you have what the end-gamers are saying, and valuing the mystery of discovery and enjoyment of seeing a new encounter – blind or not. And I can definitely agree with this point of view. On the other hand, though, you have the casual gamers saying that the information shouldn’t be limited to the top-end raiders, and the larger playerbase shouldn’t have to wait for outside sources to learn what things do for when they get there. I can also understand this point of view.

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About That “Triage Healing”…

So, one of the things that healers have complained about over the course of Cataclysm is the complete lack of “triage” healing, which they pushed as a new feature for Cataclysm healers, and the healing model. While it sounded great on paper, and actually worked to a degree in 5-mans and heroics, it fell flat on its face in raids. Mostly, we see this with the constant changes to Circle of Healing, Wild Growth and Prayer of Healing, not to mention various ground effects, such as Healing Rain, Efflorescence, Power Word: Barrier and Holy Word: Sanctuary. Obviously, there’s something going on here that Blizzard may just not be seeing able to pull through.

Holy Word: Sanctuary

To that end, what is it that could be done differently? Currently, on the latest 4.2 PTR build, increases mana costs have come through for Divine Light, Holy Light, Flash of Light and Holy Shock. Naturally, we’d expect more nerfs to mana costs to come through for other healers as well, but is this really the right way to go about it? What was done wrong in Tier 11 content that they could change in Tier 12 content without necessarily raising mana costs again (and therefore, creating possible issues for people that are getting into heroics later in the expansion)? What could be done that might bring “triage” healing back to the forefront?

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