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Static Mana Regen vs. Int-Based Regen

So, I mentioned in my last post that one of my two major concerns about healing as a holy priest or restoration shaman was reliance on Test of Faith and Deep Healing – and how these can have unintended consequences on overall healing performance, and how raid encounters are going to be set up in the future. My other biggest concern is mana regeneration. Currently, holy priests and restoration shaman are the only two healers that don’t have some sort of Intellect-based mana regeneration. For discipline, this would be Rapture, and Archangel for Atonement priests; for paladins, Divine Plea; and for druids, Revitalize. This should go without saying, but also Arcane Torrent for any Blood Elves.


In essence, this is again an observational post – not something to be taken at face value, but something that is a concern for later on. Moreover, I’ll probably delve into other somewhat tangential things such as Mana Tide Totem, and how this can affect a restoration shaman’s gearing choices. There’s actually a specific post over at Totem Forest that explains that a bit more in detail. Moreover, shaman do have the otion of Telluric Currents, which is a huge mana gain, too – so holy priests are still kind of left in the dust here.

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The Cataclysm healing model.

There’s been a lot of debate recently on the healing forums regarding the changes to healing style. Most of it boils down to whether it’s fun or not, and to a lesser degree, how challenging the content is. Personally, I’m one of the people that finds that healing is just fine the way it is. It’s entirely possible to complete the content as it is right now. However, I find that the challenge is actually more than just the difficulty of the encounters, or even the almost necessity for crowd control. It actually is that people aren’t letting go of the mindsets from previous expansions.

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So I’m Level 85 now.

So I’m level 85, and have been since the 8th, I’ve just needed some time to take in the new content and really wanted to think about this post. There have definitely been some ups, some downs, and some absolute hilarity, but of course, also those things that just make you want to stab someone. Overall, though, level 85 has definitely been interesting and a pretty fresh experience overall, at least in comparison to Wrath – definitely reminiscent of The Burning Crusade, which I am perfectly okay with.

And by the way, Potion of Illusion is great fun, but it costs a few Volatile Lifes, and only lasts two minutes, and it is worth a lot of fun, but also makes you question what the devs were thinking with the mats and duration.

At any rate, healing has definitely been pretty interesting, though I’ve definitely decided against PUGs for the forseeable future. People just don’t seem to understand yet that crowd control is king on certain pulls. Or, moreover, that priests can’t dispel curses. Apparently, some mages are too busy killing things to actually, you know, decurse. Yes, that was his excuse. And he wasn’t even a fire mage, he was arcane. Yeah, pushing a fourth button is hard, amirite? So, in regards to actual healing, though, there have been numerous complaints about the “difficulty” of healing. Here’s my take on it.
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