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Holy Priest, PTR Build 13033

Well, originally, I was going to write up a diatribe about Trinity. But then it got removed. So… Hooray for Trinity being removed!

That said, I’m also going to do my best to blog at least on a bi-weekly basis. So here’s where I attempt to do so, as of today. At least I’ve been on a consistent monthly schedule up to now, though?

Anyhow, here’s some thoughts for the new PTR build for Holy Priests (so I won’t cover Discipline; I’m not a fan of Discipline, don’t play Discipline, and am not altogether too knowledgeable about Discipline).

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Cataclysm Priest Talents.

So I took a look at the Priest talents for Cataclysm, and I have to say I am seriously underwhelmed.
They said that they’re wanting to give people a little more variety, a little more in the way of “fun” talents – but really, they’ve just reduced it to the epitome of cookie cutter.
As it stands at the moment, I’m really unhappy with how Holy is looking.  Almost every talent is something to give you more throughput, and even Surge of Light isn’t really going to be a talent you’ll be able to take.  (On a personal side note, they’ve officially killed Smite spec as of right now, which makes me a very sad panda.)  As well, it’s not even a talent that even does anything for healing.  In addition, it seems that Inner Focus will be completely inaccessible for Holy (and Shadow) Priests, which is a terrible idea by design.  In a world where healers are supposed to be concerned about their mana, I would think they would at least want Holy Priests to be able to access Inner Focus, especially given Chakra, and how they’re trying to work Prayer of Healing.
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