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Why Pet Healing Is Important, Part 1

One of the biggest issues healers have is the issue of healing pets. Be it hunter, warlock, mage or death knight pets in World of Warcraft, or mage, rogue, warrior or cleric pets in Rift, healers don’t want to – and usually, can’t – actively heal pets. I wish it were more possible to do so. I really, really, do. I say this as a healing priest, a healing cleric, a healing paladin, a healing mage, and a one-time healing shaman. I want to be able to heal pets.

Mend Pet

One of the biggest gripes I’ve heard is how smart heals do, in fact, heal pets. I’m still honestly lost on this point. I mean, trust me, I get that not everyone will be able to spare the global cooldown or the mana to heal a pet. But there’s a reason that pets are going to be valid targets for smart heals. Because they are integral to the DPS of the class utilizing those pets.

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Static Mana Regen vs. Int-Based Regen

So, I mentioned in my last post that one of my two major concerns about healing as a holy priest or restoration shaman was reliance on Test of Faith and Deep Healing – and how these can have unintended consequences on overall healing performance, and how raid encounters are going to be set up in the future. My other biggest concern is mana regeneration. Currently, holy priests and restoration shaman are the only two healers that don’t have some sort of Intellect-based mana regeneration. For discipline, this would be Rapture, and Archangel for Atonement priests; for paladins, Divine Plea; and for druids, Revitalize. This should go without saying, but also Arcane Torrent for any Blood Elves.


In essence, this is again an observational post – not something to be taken at face value, but something that is a concern for later on. Moreover, I’ll probably delve into other somewhat tangential things such as Mana Tide Totem, and how this can affect a restoration shaman’s gearing choices. There’s actually a specific post over at Totem Forest that explains that a bit more in detail. Moreover, shaman do have the otion of Telluric Currents, which is a huge mana gain, too – so holy priests are still kind of left in the dust here.

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Test of Faith and Deep Healing

So, via Twitter, I was discussing with a few other healers (@Derevka, Oestrus and Sente) regarding healer rankings. But before I delve into the subject, I would like to preface that this isn’t intended to make complaints about either restoration shaman or holy priests, but merely some recent observations regarding healer rankings. It would be ignorant of me to look at average healing as a weighting, just the same as it would be ignorant to look at top healers as a weighting. Of course, this means that one needs to look at things in context as much as possible. In addition, this isn’t a healing meter e-peen contest, either. Consider this a disclaimer that this is merely a post of observation that I think that needs to be looked at for various reasons.

Test of Faith and Deep Healing

One of the things that I’ve made an observation of is that, on average (this is the key word here, on average), over the course of Tier 11 content, both normal and heroic, both 10- and 25-man, the only encounters that restoration shaman and holy priests consistently outshine other healers (discipline priests, holy paladins and restoration druids) is Chimaeron. I understand that there are other circumstances for druids on Chimaeron healing (see, Glyph of Regrowth) that are what make them able to heal the encounter in general, but this is not really the point. I just feel that I need to make it clear that I’m not oblivious to these kinds of things because I want to avoid getting too much flak (as anyone would), and hope to gather some constructive feedback on this. I’m aware the subject as I’m putting it forth is very simplified, but that’s okay. General observations usually are best taken simply.

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