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Full Circle

When I originally started playing World of Warcraft, I started my first character as a pure DPS class – a rogue. After a name change and a faction transfer, that character is still around, at level 64 or so. As of yet, I still have not managed to get a rogue to max level. Somewhere in the mid-30s or so, I switched to a warlock because of a really awesome person who played a warlock, and who I had met while playing in my first couple months in the game.


My first raiding character was a warlock. I went through T4 content, and wound up eventually in a T5 guild. I ultimately could have gone on to a Sunwell guild had I been able to make the raid times. I’d probably also be still playing that warlock as my main if things had gone that route. It was one of the two top guilds on the server at the time, and the top Alliance guild. My guild that I was in, however, eventually fell prey to pre-expansion woes and split up. I stopped raiding on my warlock and moved on to my restoration shaman and smite priest to round out the expansion. To this day, interestingly, my shaman still has not gotten the totem from Maiden of Virtue, nor has my warlock managed to obtain the Voidheart Helm from Prince Malchezaar.

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From Raid Leader to Raider

I’ve been a raid leader for a long time. Actually, since The Burning Crusade, when I still played Alliance, up through the first two weeks of Firelands in Cataclysm when I finally cancelled my subscription to World of Warcraft. And now, playing Rift, I’m in a raider position. It’s a good change for me, but I imagine that I’m always going to have a sort of “back seat raid leader” type attitude. Not completely, not in the way of, “Well, you need to do it this way,” but in the manner of seeing things that are going on and seeing how they might be fixed. But I definitely don’t miss raid leading. But I know that I need to contribute with the raid and help us get bosses down, and keep going. If no one says it, points out the problems, they don’t get fixed. And that’s one incredibly valuable piece of experience I can bring from having been a raid leader – that people don’t speak up. Someone must needs take that step.

Raid Frames

But, as I said, I’ve led raids for quite some time. Almost three years straight, actually, with only a small break between Burning Crusade and Wrath, and for a bit during late Ulduar/early Trial of the Crusader in Wrath, anywhere from two to five nights in a standard raid week. That’s a lot of raids. A lot. So, when the time finally came that I was taking a break from WoW, I had some reasons for it – the primary being that I needed to remember how to be a raider instead of looking at it from the RL’s perspective all the time. I don’t think one can raid lead effectively without remembering what it’s like for those raiders, and what perspective they have.

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The Sabbatical from WoW

It’s no secret that I’ve taken some time off from WoW. Although I recently did a podcast with LeetSauced, I must admit that for some time I’ve been growing tired of the game. Cataclysm brought back the feel from pre-Wrath for healing, which was great for me. It was a new and fresh challenge (well, not really, but more of a “going back to my roots” type of thing, I suppose) when it came to healing. Heroics at the start of the expansion were challenging, if not outright difficult (I’m looking at you, Deadmines). Tier 11 raids were a little over the top, but nothing unmanageable. It was all doable.

Enter raid cooldowns.

I’ve always been kind of a stubborn person. I refuse tooth and nail to play Discipline. Part of this is because, while I understand how it’s supposed to work, it doesn’t “click” with me, and actually applying that knowledge is extremely difficult for me to do. Part of it is to go against the grain. It’s the little bit of a rebel in me, I guess. The other part is because I feel that I need to be able to prove that Holy can get the job done. Why is that? Because I was given three options when I rolled a priest. I chose the one that appealed to me. I should not have to – nor should anyone have to – play a spec that is not fun for them because of social pressures.

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