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The Firelands Loot Debacle

There’s a lot of heat going on right now regarding the Firelands loot table, and how priests have been “singled out” regarding a lack of spirit gear. Admittedly, this does affect priests of all three specs to one degree or another, but this is most heavy-handed toward holy priests over either discipline or shadow (though probably more to shadow than discipline due to their itemization preference). Yes, I’m very strongly opinionated about it. Yes, I could also be wrong. I am writing this post on the provision that, if you want to tell me that I’m wrong, you’ll be able to tell my why I’m wrong.

To that end, it is perfectly reasonable that priests in general feel slighted that there is such a lack of gear that’s itemized for them. To be quite honest, after seeing the loot tables, I was disappointed with the lack of stat allocation choices as it was in order to be able to try out some new things, when looking at the spirit gear available. After seeing finalized loot tables, I’m honestly baffled regarding the complete lack of choice there is altogether.

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Incentivizing 25-Man Raiding

It’s no secret that I hate 25-man raiding. Actually, “hate” may not be strong enough a word. I absolutely cannot stand 25-man raiding. I loathe it with a passion. For me, from the standpoint of a raid leader, it’s a management headache. From the standpoint of an officer, it’s a nightmare. From the standpoint of a holy priest, it’s quite possibly one of the most boring things I can do. However, Blizzard has determined that in their continual efforts to try to get people to do less popular content, they are doing three things with Patch 4.2. First, they are lowering the cap of Valor Points. Secondly, they are giving fewer Valor Points overall for raid instances, and Tier 11 normal content will only provide Justice Points; hardmodes will still give Valor Points. Lastly, 25-man raiders will see an increased benefit of Valor Points from raids versus 10-man raiders.

Patch 4.2

While Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual discusses the changes to Conquest Points, it actually brought up a discussion on Twitter regarding the Valor Point cap. There’s a lot to be said regarding all of this, so I’m hoping I might be able to cover all the bases with it. I also hope that I’m not alone on the front of my opinion, but even if I am, then so be it. Still, it bears discussing that the Valor Point caps are extremely awkward when it comes to how Patch 4.2 is lining up in terms of gearing out your character (or alts).

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Insert Nerd Rage.

You know, there’s always that one person, or several people, that really just piss you off because they’re just plain not being considerate of others. And it sucks, too. Applying this to both WoW and real life is really, really annoying. Generally I try to be patient, or try to be understanding, or try to be the level-headed one. However, there’s only so far that this alone takes you. Sometimes, you really just need to vent. And so that’s pretty much what this post is about, instead of something I’d had lined up to be the next post I was going to make here. Because of that, though, I’m going to make this a short post.

I’m one of those people that tries to take a step back and look at a problem, think it over, before approaching it. When it comes to something or someone (or both, as the case may be) that’s just making me angry, I need time away from whatever is causing the issue. Thankfully, I was able to purchase Rift this weekend and have been having fun there, and taking a mini-break from WoW to try to clear my head a little. Then last night came around, and already I’m annoyed in anticipation of tonight, and the very distinct possibility that, once again, there may not be any progression raiding for my group. Or, if we do, it’ll be limited and somewhat rushed, due to our lack of enough players to fill in holes.

So, to all you raiders out there from raid leaders and officers and guild masters everywhere: If you’re going to sign up for the raid, SHOW THE FUCK UP. If you’re going to be absent from a raid on a consistent basis, LET US KNOW MORE THAN TEN MINUTES IN ADVANCE. If we’re working on a progression boss you don’t particularly like, TOO FUCKING BAD, TRUST ME, WE DISLIKE IT MORE FOR MORE REASONS THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.


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